• Pre-heat the oven to 365 degrees.
  • Roast the beets with the skin on for 40 minutes. Once the beets are done and have cooled, use gloves or paper towel to peel away the skin. Dice the beets.
  • Remove the outer leaves from the brussels sprouts and quarter them. Place them on a roasting pan, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 25 minutes. Once done, set aside to cool.
  • Slice the tomatoes in half and set aside.
  • Over a bowl, segment the grapefruit. Set aside the segmented pieces and juice the body of the grapefruit into the bowl. Add in a quarter cup of olive oil, honey, salt and pepper, and mix well.
  • In a large serving bowl, add the beets, brussels sprouts, kale, and tomatoes. Toss in the dressing and garnish with grapefruit segments.

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